Chicken Ginger Kebab

Boneless chicken pieces marinated in Ginger and Garlic paste and Indian spices and cooked in tandoor..


Chicken Hakka Noodles

Boiled chicken sautéed with egg and Julienne Vegetable in Chinese sauce ... Serving approx. 8-10 pa..


Chicken Handi Indian Style

Assorted boneless barbequed chicken pieces served in a traditional Indian Gravy ... 20-24 Pieces app..


Chicken Haryali

Chicken with Bone cooked in Spinach & Indian spices ... 20-24 Pieces approx ... Serving approx. 8-10..


Chicken Hawaiian Salad

Shredded chicken mixed with mayonnaise and cubes of pineapple..


Chicken Hazari Kebab

Boneless chicken marinated in garlic, cheese and cooked in tandoor. 25-30 Pieces approx .Serving app..


Chicken Hong Kong

Boneless pieces of chicken cooked in Chinese spices and vegetables.40-45 Pieces approx.Serving appr..


Chicken Hong Kong Fried Rice

Boiled chicken pieces sauteed in diced onion / capsicum with star phool powder in Chinese style.Serv..


Chicken Hunan

Boneless Chicken cooked in honey sauce.40-45 Pieces approx.Serving approx. 8-10 pax.Taste - Spicy...


Chicken Hunan Fried Rice

Boiled chicken sauteed with American corn and red, yellow peppers in chilli flakes with honey sauce...


Chicken Hyderabadi Biryani

Bone chicken pieces sautéed in coriander, spinach and mint paste with Indian spices ... 1 Kilo of r..


Chicken in Black Bean Sauce

Cubes of chicken marinated and cooked in black bean sauce in Chinese style.40-45 Pieces approx.Servi..


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