Cheese Pakoda

Cheese pieces marinated in Indian spices , dipped in besan flour and deep fried.Approximately 25-30 ..


Crispy Corn Kernels

American corn marinated in special batter and deep fried. Serving approx. 8-10 pax.Taste - Medium Sp..


Mushroom Chilly

Mushroom sauteed with diced onion / capsicum and green chilly in Chinese style Serving approx. 8-10 ..


Mushroom Malaysian Dry

Mushroom cooked in special Malaysian herbs and spices sauce.Serving approx. 8-10 pax.Taste - Spicy...


Mushroom Shanghai Dry

Mushroom cooked in Chinese spices with red and yellow peppers.Serving approx. 8-10 pax.Taste - Spicy..


Paneer Chilly

Finger size of paneer sauteed with diced onion capsicum and green chilly in Chinese style.25-30 Piec..


Paneer Malaysian Dry

Cubes of paneer cooked in spices Malaysian herbs and spices sauce.Approximately 25-30 Pieces per Kg...


Paneer Pakoda

Finger paneer marinated in spices and dipped in besan flour and deep fried. Its a favorite in all pa..


Paneer Seekh Kebab

Smashed paneer marinated with cheese, salt, pepper, coriander and green chilies and skewed tandoor. ..


Paneer Shanghai Dry

Paneer cubes sauteed with red and yellow pepper and cooked in spicy red pepper sauce. Its spicy in t..


Paneer Tikka

Paneer cubes marinated in red tandoori masala and cooked in tandoor. Its red in color and spicy to t..


Pom Pom Potato

Cheese, Garlic potato bites sautéed in sweet & spicy sauce in Chinese style.Serving approx. 8-1..


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