Veg Malaysian Flat Noodles

Julienne Veg sauteed in yellow / red pepper, baby corn / mushroom and red chilli, cashew, kismis an..


Veg Pulao

Boiled Veg mixed with rice and paneer in Indian style ... 1 Kilo of rice and 1 Kilo of vegetables ....


Veg Schezwan Fried Rice

Small cube veg sautéed with schezwan sauce and rice ... Serving approx. 8-10 pax ... Taste-Spicy ....


Veg Schezwan Noodles

Julienne Veg sautéed with boiled noodle in schezwan sauce ... Serving approx. 8-10 pax ... Taste-Sp..


Veg Shanghai Rice

Small veg cube sauteed in red / yellow pepper with fresh mushroom and chilli flakes ... Serving appr..


Veg Singapore Noodles

Julienne vegetable sauteed with red chilli, cashewnut and coconut powder ... Serving approx. 8-10 pa..


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